Choosing the package which is right for you

Equipment Purchase, Installation & Training



£119 £99

Special Offer –
3 months at £99

50 Max users per device**

1000 Max tests per year

£250 for an additional 500 tests

1 limit test pass/fail

Company random % levels (1)

2 notifiable persons

Facial recognition


Email Notifications


£149 £124

Special Offer –
3 months at £124

100 Max users per device**

3000 Max tests per year

£250 for an additional 500 tests

2 limit test pass/fail

Departmental random % levels (4)

6 notifiable persons

All Bronze options, plus:

Mobile data backup

Email Notifications

SMS Notifications


£179 £149

Special Offer –
3 months at £149

Unlimited Max users per device**

Unlimited Max tests per year

Unlimited limit test pass/fail

Unlimited random % levels

Unlimited notifiable persons

All Silver options, plus:

RFID + door lock interface

Timelog & test reminders

Temperature testing (£30)



Typically suited for multi-site operations

One license per 50 employees**

2 limit test pass/fail

4 random % levels

2 notifiable persons per license

*Fees payable 3 months in advance by direct debit.

**Includes monthly software subscription, cloud storage, and hardware maintenance fee

Enterprise User package vs Bronze, Silver & Gold

Unlike the standard packages, which are based on a one-per-device basis, the Enterprise package has been specifically designed for businesses with multiple sites but without a large number of employees per site.

The cost is based on how many users (employees) there are in the company overall, – and for situations where there are <50 people per site is likely to be more cost effective – for instance a bus company with multiple small depots might want 12 devices, but only need to cover say 350-400 drivers in total (approx 30 per site).

If they purchase the Silver package, it will cost £149 for each site. This would potentially allow them to test 1,200 employees – but they have <400. With the Enterprise package, they only pay for the users they need (8 licences @ 50 users per licence), which is likely to be more cost effective.

If you think this may apply to your business, click the “get quote” button for a detailed quotation.