Worksober Features

Automated alcohol testing for an alcohol-free workplace

Portable or Wall-Mounted?

Worksober offers a choice of two alcohol testing devices:

Wall Mounted

A fully automated wall-mounted system, which can be used as a standalone breathalyser to screen employees before entering the workplace, or connected to entrance systems such as turnstiles and electronic doors to control entry to high-risk sites.

Hand Held

A hand-held portable breathalyser, using the same technology, with or without data saved to cloud.

Both devices are EN-approved and feature biometric technology for evidential results.

Facial Recognition

Worksober uses AI-driven facial recognition to identify each employee taking a breathalyser test, ensuring accuracy and reducing any risk of impersonation. This feature is invaluable when a test result is challenged or contradicted.

Removing the human factor eliminates opportunities for an intoxicated employee to avoid accountability. Prompt notification of a nominated person ensures swift action can be taken.


If alcohol is detected, the system automatically sends SMS notifications to your nominated contacts. This ensures that an employee under the influence of alcohol will not enter the workplace unnoticed, or leave after drinking alcohol on the job.

Worksober autonomously collects, processes and sends test results. The system comes with access to your own online portal to manage your data. View individual test results, screening data and statistics over time.

Use this valuable data to inform and influence your workplace alcohol policy and monitor its effectiveness over time.


Help safeguard against more than just alcohol with this Worksober accessory.  The Temperature Sensor will detect fever or high temperatures in employees, allowing you to bar entry or investigate further, and reducing the risk of catching COVID, the flu, and more nasty infections and viruses.





How It Works

We’ll work with you to create a fully automated alcohol-testing system that works for you. Our service includes installation, maintenance, monitoring, calibration and technical support – let’s create an alcohol-free workplace together.


Installed at your chosen site(s) is an EN Certified device with a police grade sensor for accuracy and reliability.


Option to test all employees daily or a client-determined random selection as required.


Testing device is monitored and managed by AlcoDigital remotely to determine maintainance status, accuracy and provide software and firmware updates as required.