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Worksober is a wall mountable, fully automated breathalyser system. Employees are alcohol tested remotely in less than 10 seconds.

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Automatically identify your employees and provide evidential results with facial recognition technology built-in.

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Access entry and test data online at any time with any device and get real-time system alerts via email or SMS when alcohol is detected.

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an alcohol-free workplace – from 38p per employee per month*

Worksober is a fully automated breathalyser system for the workplace. It allows you to breathalyse employees remotely, at a frequency you choose, to ensure that your workplace is an alcohol-free one.

24/7 remote monitoring

Access data online from any device, wherever you are in the world. Set-up email or SMS alerts to be notified of alcohol-positive tests.

Clock in, clock out

Use Worksober as a time-keeping system for your company, recording when employees enter and leave work.

Fully configurable

Configure Worksober to the unique requirements of your company. Set tolerance levels and frequency of testing to suit your workplace policy.

EN approved

The Worksober system is EN approved, giving you police-grade breathalyser accuracy and evidential results.

Expert support

As breathalyser specialists, we install, maintain, calibrate and provide expert support to ensure your workplace is alcohol-free.

Entry systems

Compatible with existing RFID entry systems, electronic entry doors and turnstiles.


*based on one device installed at one site that randomly tests 10% of their 1,000 employees each day.

What our Clients Say

Vilnius public transport is one of the biggest transport companies in Lithuania that carries over half a million passengers every day. Therefore, testing driver sobriety is crucial. Since implementing Worksober in 2016, the process has become much easier. With the smart system, we have completely automatized the methods of testing driver sobriety and data processing, thus making them much faster and more efficient cost-wise, while also eliminating the probability of human error. Thanks to WorkSober, Vilnius public transport manages the risks of appropriate driver readiness to safely and securely carry passengers much more efficiently.- Vilnius Public Transport
In our construction sites we apply a zero-tolerance alcohol policy. Since construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces, it is essential that efficient safety measures are applied. As a result, we chose the biometric sobriety testing system. We have been using this system for almost a year now. The number of recorded violations has dropped, showing that the system not only efficiently prevents intoxication at work, but also changes the attitudes of employees towards workplace safety and the workplace culture in construction sites. The next step is to integrate this biometric sobriety testing system with work time accounting and other management processes.- Quality Manager at Conresta UAB
Finėjas is one of the leaders of transport and logistics sector in Lithuania. As for any other transport company, it is highly important for us to have a quick and efficient employee testing system to ensure they are always sober.</p> <p>After installing worksober.com system in 2016, the process has been much quicker and simpler. Even when we need to check over 100 drivers, everything works smoothly, and we receive all the data real-time. Face recognition improves the credibility of the data and minimizes the probability of faults.- Deputy Transport Manager, UAB Finėjas
We have been working with Worksober for over a year. Their solutions have helped us to manage risks as well as perform employee control more efficiently.- Girteka Logistics UAB